Exploring The Business Analyst Qualifications – Are You Eligible?

Are you looking for a career opportunity in business analyst professions? or are you planning to transition your career from your current job to a business analyst? What qualifications are required to become a business analyst? You might have many similar questions and like to clear your facts about business analyst qualifications. Therefore, this article will be focused on the educational qualification of business analysts.

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Business Analyst Qualifications

I often get the question about; whether or not a college degree is essential to get into a business analyst job? This question has three sub-parts;

  • What kind of college degree required to become a business analyst?
  • What level of degree required? Do you need an associates degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, Ph.D., etc?
  • What category of the degree relates most to becoming a business analyst?

Business Analyst Qualifications Requirements

Do you need a college degree to become a BA?

You need to have some sort of college degree to become a business analyst. Gone are the days when people having high-schools diplomas used to get into this profession. People without college degrees got into this profession because they were good in their previous jobs and transition their profession to business analysts after acquiring key BA skills.

Can you become a business analyst without a college degree?

No! Without a valid college degree, you will find a hard time even reaching to the interview process. Business Analyst profession is not new now and many candidates are applying for it. Therefore, companies have implemented an automated system to screen the right candidate from the submitted resumes.

Such automated software is expert and mature enough to find the keyword (like educational qualification, experience, skills, etc.) set by the hiring companies. Since the recruiter companies receive hundreds or thousands of resumes for each job profile, they have set their selection criteria high. Most of the companies look for candidates who have at least a college degree and they don’t even open your resume unless you have it.

What level of college degree required?

Well, you should at least have a bachelor’s degree before you apply for a business analyst job. I haven’t seen any professional in my career who is working as a business analyst and don’t have a college bachelor’s degree. This is a minimum education qualification that business analysts should have.

You might be able to transition your career to a business analyst (in the same company) after working in a company for a long time and acquiring some key analyst skills. However, when you apply for a business analyst job in other companies, your application might get rejected immediately.

It is highly recommended to have at least a bachelor’s degree for a business analyst job.

As I explained earlier, many companies have implemented automated software to filter the candidates. Your job application will get rejected immediately even though you have sufficient experience in BA work. The recruiters will not even go through other details if your educational qualifications are not matching with their minimum requirements.

What category of degree is relevant for the BA job?

Now, what degree should you get for the business analyst role? The following are some degrees that are mentioned in most of the job descriptions shared by the recruiting companies.

  • Any type of business degree
  • Any type of IT or Computer-Science, Programming related degree.
  • Management Degree – like an MBA.
  • Math degree – as a BA also does data analytics related work.

Many colleges have a specific degree in business analysis these days. However, it depends on the hiring companies, sometimes they just want candidates to have a degree in any stream. Therefore, if you are in college then find a stream that suits your interest from any of the four categories mentioned above.

Do you need business analyst certifications?

Do you need to business analyst certifications as well to complete the business analyst qualifications criteria? I would say not mandatory but it is nice to have. The following are the key reasons to go for the business analyst certifications;

  • You learn more about the business analyst skills, BA tools, and techniques.
  • To become a highly desired candidate among the crowed.
  • It gives competitive advantages over others and it can get you more salary.

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Many organizations are offering quality business analyst certification. They have certifications for someone who don’t have any kind of BA experience as well as for someone already expert.

The job market is very tough nowadays and there are many BAs out there looking for jobs. When the recruiters find the resumes of professionals have the same educational qualification and experience, having a certification linked to your profile gives you an edge over other candidates.

Required Business Analysts Skills

Every business analysts need to have a set of skills to manage their day to day activities. Business Analyst’s roles and responsibility are very flexible and it expands according to the project type and complexity. Therefore only a bachelor’s degree and a certification will not help you to succeed in a business analyst role. So, what are these skills?

Business Analyst skills that every business analyst aspire should have;

  • Requirement elicitation
  • Analytical and problem solving
  • Presentation
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Strong communication
  • Technical Skills like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Database Queries, etc.

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A business analyst should have management skills because most of the time they will be interacting with high-level executive, business heads for requirement elicitation process. Also, having a strong domain knowledge is a must because you will be analyzing the organization and its processes as a business analyst.

All these skills will come over time and you learn these things in college. Therefore, if you are planning to become a business analyst or want to transition your career into a business analyst, focus on learning and improving these skills. A business analyst caries lot of responsibility in a project and these skills are sort of mandatory to successfully carry your roles and responsibilities as a BA.

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Business Analyst plays an important role in an organization and acts as a bridge between business stakeholders and the development team. Therefore, every business analyst should have the required educational qualification, experience, and skill-sets.

A business analyst should have at least a bachelor’s degree however, BA certification is recommended to have.

Business Analysts should have the required key skill sets to manage their day to day work.

Now, you know what degree is required to become a business analyst and what sort of certification and skills required to succeed in a business analyst role.

I hope you enjoyed reaching this article and it helped you in your career. Do share with your friends and colleagues if you liked it. You can also subscribe to BABeginners using your email address to get the latest post directly to your inbox.

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