Is Business Analyst A Good Career? Here’s the Truth

Is business analyst a good career? Is a business analyst the right choice for me? Is it a hard job? I often get these questions from the people especially who want to start their career in business analysis or migrate career to business analysts from their current profession. Do you have a similar question? Do you also think, if business analysts a good profession to start your career with? Then, this article will clear out your confusion.

Is Business Analyst A Good Career?

Before we conclude whether business analysts is a good career or not? we need to identify the basis on which it will be measured.

Characteristics of a good job

The definition of a good job may vary from person to person based on their goal, priorities, ambition, etc. However, a good job should have the following characteristics.

1. Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction is a key thing that many people struggle to find in their profession. Many people feel unhappy with their jobs because they find it boring or they find their job reaching a dead end, etc. Therefore job satisfaction plays a key role in long term professional and personal growth.

2. Career Growth

What comes in your mind when you get to start chose a perfect job for you? Probably, a shining career growth. It is the primary filter for many people when it comes to selecting a job to start a career with. You should be able to get what you answered to the interview question – “where do you want to see yourself five years down the line?”

3. Work-Life balance

Work-life balance is very important for building a positive environment at both places i.e. office as well as home. A job should be flexible and should allow a proper work-life balance.

4. Job Security

Nothing is permanent in this world but we still expect a job to have a certain level of security. A secure job allows you to focus on your work than wasting your time and energy in looking for another opportunity.

5. Learning Scope

It is a part of a career growth point. Every job should have some sort of learning scope. Technology is evolving like never before and one should get the opportunity to get the hands on to keep themselves up-to-date with it. To stay in the market, you should get the opportunity to learn and explore new stuff in your job.

6. Better Compensation

I kept this point last because money shouldn’t be the primary criteria for measuring a good job but still, money is one the motivation factor for the same. A good job should also offer a reasonable and competitive salary along with other good things that we saw above.

Characteristics of a good job

Why is the business analyst a good job?

Now, is the business analyst a good job? Well, there is no direct answer to this question, however, if this job fulfills the characteristics of a perfects job then Yes! it is a good job. Let’s go one-by-one;

Job Satisfaction and Learning Opportunity

Business Analyst work on multiple projects and every projects bring new challenges and learning opportunity. You always learn something new during and at the end of every project. There is no room to feel bored and unsatisfied with the job if you are a business analyst. However, it also depends on the company you are working in and the projects you are managing. A business analyst might feel stressful when;

Career Growth and Job Security

Once you start your career as a business analyst, you have an interesting career path ahead of you. You can check out my article, where I have mentioned the lucrative career path options for a BA. You can become a manager, enterprise architect, consultant, and many more. Also, every company needs a business analyst therefore, there always be high demand for this position. However, the roles of a business analyst evolving therefore, a BA should never stop learning. You can do the following for stay in the business;

Work-Life Balance

A business analyst’s job is flexible which allows them to properly manage their work-life balance. You get the freedom to manage your schedule and tasks independently as long as you stick to the deadline and your business stakeholders are happy. Relationship building and time-management is one of the key skills of a business analyst and it helps to achieve your goal in a project. Again, it fully depends on the company and the project you are working in. To achieve work-life balance, you should do the following;

  • Learn time-management skills
  • Enhance your relationship building skills
  • Improve your communication skills

Attractive Salary

Business Analyst profession offers a competitive salary. I would not deny that an advanced developer might earn a good salary at the beginning of the career however, a skills business analyst might win the race in the long run. However, one needs to work for it irrespective of which profession he/she is working in. Companies won’t be offering good money unless they find what they want to accomplish their goal. Therefore, you should be doing the following to keep getting a good paycheque;

  • Keep yourself updated with market demand.
  • Never stop learning and building professional connections.
  • Never underestimate the power of continuous learning.

As you can see, a business analyst’s job has all the characteristics that a perfect job has. However, it doesn’t mean, all other jobs are not promising. It is all about your interest and passion in the work.

If you have all the skills that are required to become a successful business analyst then you will enjoy working and you will have many reasons to keep yourself motivated. On the other hand, you don’t have the required skills and you are into this profession just because someone suggested you then you will suffer and see stressful days.

Is a business analyst the right job for me?

Many other questions that are being asked very frequently i.e. is a business analyst the right job for me? How would I know if a BA is for me? Is business analyst a good career choice? Well, to find an answer to this question, you need to sit back and assess yourself a bit.

Check out my article on steps to become a business analyst without any experience to know more about it.

Business Analysis is a set of tasks that requires various tools and techniques to achieve. A person doing this job called business analysts and they should have the required skill-sets to achieve the organization’s goal. So, what are these key skills that a person should have to become a business analyst?

Following are the key skills that business analysts should have (but not limited to);

  • Requirement analysis or elicitation
  • Analytical thinking
  • Problem-solving mindset
  • Documentation skills
  • Strong communication and relationship building skills
  • Public speaking and good presentation skills
  • Technical skills like Excel, PowerPoint, SQL queries, etc.

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Now, do you have the required skills? Do you like solving a business problem? If you have the required skills mentioned above and enjoy problem-solving then business analysts job is for you.

However, you should have the required qualification along with these skills and you can check out my article here, where I have explained the qualification required to become a business analyst in simple language. You will surely find it helpful.

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To sum up my response to the question “Is business analyst a good job?

Business analysts indeed a good job based on job satisfaction, career growth, work-life balance, job security, learning opportunity, and a good salary. However, to stay in the industry and enjoy the work, business analysts should have the required skills that I have mentioned in this article and they should never stop learning.

Also, I would not forget to mention that, whether a job is good or bad is also depends on the company’s work culture you are working in and the project you are supporting.

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