Is Business Analyst Job Stressful? Here’s The Truth

Is a business analyst job stressful? Well, there can’t be a direct answer to this question. There is no job in the world that is easy and the job that is easy for you, not necessarily it is easy for the person who is doing it. However, let’s talk about the business analyst job and why people might think of it as a stressful job?

Is Business Analyst Job Stressful?

Before we conclude whether a business analyst’s job is easy or not? we need to understand what exactly business analysts do in a company or a project.

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Key activities of a business analyst in a project

The following are the key activities of a business analyst in a typical organization but not limited to. They might be involved in many more activities based on the company, project type, project complexity, etc.

  • Business Analyst is involved in the project since the beginning
  • They take care of the requirement elicitation process
  • Does the data analysis, suggest the most suited solution to the problems, helps in root cause analysis, and many more.
  • They finalize the scope of a project which is a very crucial activity.
  • They complete most of the project documentation and finalizes the same.
  • A business analyst manages the stakeholder’s approval on the requirements.
  • Holds all the meetings like brainstorming sessions, UAT sessions, etc.
  • Track the project progress and highlight the risks and mitigation.
  • Business case sterilization upon post go live.

The above list is just a summary of what business analysts do in a company, however, you can check out my article on – Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst for a detailed explanation.

Now, we know the typical worklist of a business analyst. But, are these activities or tasks are stressful?

Is Business Analyst Job Stressful?

It fully depends on the company’s environment, project type, and the complexity involved in the project. Business Analyst is the first point of contact for the business users and stakeholders therefore, he is the first target if something breaks in the system. However, the following are the key activities in a project that could become stressful sometimes.

1. Finalizing The Project Scope

Every business analyst goes through the phase where he/she will have run for finalizing the requirements and scope with stakeholders. It becomes extremely painful when the deadline is reaching.

A business analyst’s job is not limited to simply collecting the requirements and pass it to the development team. They have to do the requirement engineering and assess the requirements. They deal with multiple stakeholders and negotiate the requirements before it could be finalized for development.

This step is very critical and it could impact the overall project if not done right. Therefore, it puts business analysts on fire and they need to make sure, they have assessed the requirements from all the aspects and there won’t be anything missed once the development team starts working on it.

2. Developed System Demonstration

Business Analysts also face challenges when they demonstrate the developed system to the client or business. Most of the time when the business users see the developed system for the time, they come up with lots of enhancement, changes, conflicts, etc.

Even if you take enough time in requirement gathering phase and get approval on requirements, to be processes, etc. The business users will have additional changes when they see the system.

In this situation, a business analyst will have to be ready with all the communication done during the requirement gathering phase, signed off documents, etc. This is required to justify the conflicts raised during the session and most importantly to back your position.

3. Managing The Final Approval To Go Live

A business analyst also struggle while managing the UAT or final approval to go live on time. This is because, you have to manage many change requests, enhancements, and defect fixes requests during the project period.

A business analyst will have to convenience multiple stakeholders on the developed system and its functionality to get the approval. This task is very crucial to release the project on time. Sometimes, there are penalties involved if the project is delayed, therefore the business analyst needs to be very careful at this stage.

Starting from the project initiation until the project is successfully launched and successful implementation notification is triggered to all the stakeholders, a business analyst plays a critical role.

No Job is boring if you know what you’re doing? Hungry for excellence, the necessity to innovate are a few other ingredients.

Now, we know the business analyst job could be critical based on project type or complexity. But, it is also true that none of the jobs is easy all the time. What can be done to avoid the stress in a business analyst job?

Things To Do To Avoid Stress In BA Job

1. Prioritize The Projects And Tasks

Sometimes, business analysts get many projects to manage at the same time and that could create chaos if not handled properly. To overcome this situation, a business analyst should always prioritize the project and tasks to manage them efficiently.

You can also block the calendar to work on each project. This way you won’t be panicked when you will have multiple projects to work on. You will know when you have to work on each project and the flow will continue. It will also help you to finish the critical project on time because you had already considered the criticality level of the project while prioritizing it.

2. Enhance The Skill Sets

You might struggle in managing the projects, requirements, and other project-related activities if you don’t have the required skill sets. Therefore, you should novel stop learning and consider preparing for business analyst certification to enhance your skill sets.

Being a business analyst, you should be expert in (but not limited to)

  • Business Communication (verbal and written)
  • Documentation
  • Domain knowledge
  • Requirement Gathering tools and techniques
  • Process knowledge

3. Delegate The Responsibilities

Delegating the responsibilities could be the best option for you if you are overloaded with work. You can delegate your work to your team and if you find it difficult to delegate the work, discuss it with your reporting manager.

The point is, never hold it with yourself if you can’t deliver the task on time if you are overloaded. Your manager should be able to understand and assist in delegating the responsibilities with your team members.

4. Take A Break

Sometimes, you just need to take a break and take a deep breath. When the numbers and data begin to overwhelm your ability to think clearly, you might want to take 10 to 15 minutes of break to step away and take a walk outside or go to a quiet corner to meditate.

This is effective because, when you get loaded with a lot of work and start feeling the pressure, your productivity goes own and you won’t be very effective. Taking small breaks during the work hours increases the productivity and eventually helps in reducing the work pressure.

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Business analysis could become stressful in some way at some point in time. But it doesn’t mean, only your job is stressful and other jobs are easy to do. Every job could lead to a stressful situation but it is up to the person, how he/she handles it.

Usually, we have three options in stressful job;

  1. Change It – Change the way of working or change the job
  2. Love It – Stay with it and try various ways to overcome the challenge.
  3. leave It – Look for another opportunity and leave the job.

Sometimes, you stuck in a wrong company or poorly managed project that makes your work miserable. But, now you know the project activities where a business analyst faces the most challenge and stress.

You also know the ways to overcome the work pressure and manage your projects and tasks effectively.

Hope you liked this article and found it useful. Do consider sharing it with your friends and colleagues. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns?

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